The one

The dawn was so sharp it totally flipped me out of my calibrated mind . I had to take care of some things and get things done . Previously often i found people spending quality time with their loved ones and yet i stood there like a play boy who did get shit done . People looked at me like i stole their wife. Trust me it was terrible .

This time i totally tossed me coin . It was odious to see many with dates where i would show up before something starts and i would do my thing. Anyway i was at this place one time and i saw a pretty lady and this was it . Couldn’t be more obvious . I started to have a strong eye contact and what could possibly go wrong ? It was like having a sync with the wands of Voldemort i could feel that energy and that love that i had never experienced before. The time was now , i could say by her body that was she hot and ready to be approached. What more did i want ? Just go for it man whispered my mind because my mind was more confident in me than my body was .

I went over and told her ” i am going to buy you a drink ” she said in full excitement yeah ?!

We talked a lot had some moments of sharing love verbally as always it was time to ask her ” you wanna get outta here ” ? Before she said anything my mom came to me and said “yeah you better get your ass up and go to school ”

I was like fuck ! With a lovely smirk and thought that there might be one hot lady waiting for me at the bar . That dream actually made my day .


The outcomes ?

I was the first son in my family which technically leads that I happen to have a brother who turns to be younger . The life was not of struggles or of hardships just a regular family and typical livelihood . The occupation or qualification does not go relevant in the context of the revelation that evolve as the output of the message passed across . The whole smooth and gold journey got cut off when i was baptized. When leads to the second clue that i was born a child but the curiosity of the society to turn everything into the norm . I was given a religion which i don’t offend any of all the religions even without my consent . I was given the honor of being a Christian when i didn’t even have a stable mind and definitely i wasn’t even sure that i was on a planet . Ok. Things change . Changes are the solemn proof of growth . I grew old not mature old but adolescent came up to me like a lightning. So obviously it brought me a sharp idea of the life ahead of me . Couldn’t resist anymore . I figured that voices must be heard . People have to do things their own . But the society was differently built to cop up with the people . This only had one rule don’t be a laughing stock in-front of the society . Which brings be more curiosity because i lived in a society where people live according to a general perspective of some son of a bitch who made up some dumb rules . How convenient aye ?. Just as i assumed . I couldn’t believe that we have to live according to a tradition which evoke about centuries ago . It was 2012 what was something that was not available about then ? Technology arose like a tsunami and the whole infrastructure of the world was altered to a good cause but yet our society was still holding up some ideology which they believe was the best thing ever could happen .

This came up into my brain and laid a barrage of punches and finally i asked my mom a wise lady and a great mother ” why is this ” she got the meaning in a jiff and she came up to me and said when you are legal you are good to go . And you can live on your ideas . Ok. I got 4 years left . But i always had a question which was like a fire that never set off to the god himself . Why religion? Why need to separate people at the time of birth as any religion? Isn’t that the cause of many disparities . Then i had to think right about the opposite. I started to seek the answers from the god perspective. I found one sentence that goes like ” i didn’t , who did ?”

All of these make sense now . I have been thinking wrong ? Or am i ? Its the people that has to change . Why is there a need of teaching children that there should be no segregation and discrimination and yet you start it by just doing so . The compulsory need to educate the children was not the right way to start . The better way was to let the children decide who they want to be and what they want to do or how they should live . This isn’t 1400 we live in a very rich full and very advanced century . Yet we still use the same laws and culture.

Somebody please tell me what has changed?

People still fight based on religion but who volunteers to know that they chose the religion themselves. This is pointless and absurd.

I want an answer why are we given religion ? To fight ? To prosper ? I don’t think that is going to work. You need a miracle people . Why would you ever learn that . No god has said to come to any religion they want a united world where we help , we care , we love , we share , and we cherish. Thats the world i look forward to .

You know why i told about my family ? Because their minds are filled with religion. I don’t mind becoming a rebel . I don’t mind opposing people . All i want is unity . I don’t think my people want that .